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Support Choice in Health and Food


Homeopathy in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is under threat

Sign the petition at

Read the report on the government initiatives to close homeopathic hospitals and remove homeopathy from the national health.

Liverpool Homeopathic Hospital on Hope St, Liverpool in 2011.


Agenda 21 dictate at Federal, State and Local level has placed Choice in health care and food under threat.

Put your voice into choice.

Write to and visit your local MP. Letters are best because they have to answer. Always retain a copy of your letter.

The Swiss Government's Inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) is now available in English.  Homeopathy in Health Care by Gudrun Bornhoft and Peter Matthiessen (Springer, 2011)
The Swiss Governments inquiry into the effectiveness, cost efficiency and use of homeopathy and CAM in Switzlerland is the the most comprehensive study ever undertaken by a government.
Findings of the Swiss Government study show that over 50% of the Swiss physicians consider homeopathy to be effective.
The Inquiry recognizes the high demand and widespread use of homeopathy and CAM therapies in Switzerland.  The usage covers both consumer demand and physician acceptance and use.
A National Referendum has shown that more than two thirds of the Swiss voters want homeopathy and selected CAM therapies to be part of the Swiss national health programme.
Dana Ullman, Feb 15, 2012 has reported on the publication of the Swiss Government Inquiry in English.  "The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine."
Back in Oz, Paul Smith reports in the Australian Doctor that the "NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) takes its time on homeopathy."  
"The country's top medical research body says it needs another 18 months to come to a decision whether it is unethical for health professionals to advocate homeopathy."
Last year's NHMRC draft document published in the Australian Doctor last year stated that it was "unethical for health practioners to treat patients using homeopathy, for the reason that homeopathy - as a medicine or procedure - has been shown not to be efficacious."
The draft statement obviously did not take into account the comprehensive review of the Swiss Government Inquiry - to date the most comprehensive conducted by any government into the efficacy of homeopathy.

Homeopathy in Australia is Under Threat from Federal Initiatives

Friends, use it or lose it time is upon us.

Health care choice is under threat in Australia and Homeopathy is no exception.

The Australian Health Ethics Committee (a subset of the National Health and Medical Research Council) has issued a Public Statement that claims: "it is unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homoeopathy for the reason that homeopathy has not been shown to work."

This Public Statement could only have been drafted by those who refuse to examine evidence (such as the data presented on this website) and those who do not respect the choices of others to use traditional or culturally appropriate medicine.

Australia's leading medical research organisation NHMRC has now compiled a two page document to have homeopathy declared "unethical".

They would seem to have refused to study official data from nations which use homeopathy as a cornerstone of primary health care.

They have not consulted with the Homoeopathic profession in Australia.

They say the aim of the statement is to recommend that Health Funds cancel rebates for members who are entitled to claim for Homoeopathy.

It won't stop there because Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius policies target all natural therapies, traditional medicines, organic, local, homegrown and wildharvested food.

If you have had positive results from Homeopathic medicine, I urge you to contact the NHMRC through their website and lodge and official complaint to which the NHMRC must respond.

Or write to Professor Warwick Anderson and Dr Sandra Hacker
National Health and Medical Research Council
GPO Box 1421
Canberra ACT 2601

Letters are the most effective way to voice your opinion.

Whether you write to them or use the document form on their website - keep a record of your complaint.

You can do this by creating your own document file, then Control C (copy) then Control V (paste) onto the NHMRC complaint form.

If you think it is unethical for the government to start the process of removing choice from your health care - then


The Health Minister the Hon. Sussan Ley should also be contacted


P.O. Box 6022 House of Representatives
Parliament House,
Canberra ACT 2600


1 Thomas Holmes Street
Maribyrnong, VIC 3032


Let Australian consumers have access to THEIR seafood through the professional fishermen that catch it for them

Now is the time for action!!!!

Please sign the e-petition if you want to save your supply of fresh, local seafood.


 Help save our supply of local seafood

Imagine if when you went to your local seafood outlet and all there was to buy was Basa imported from South East Asia or some imported Spanish mackerel or vannamei prawns.

 Sound scary? It is very scary but even worse, we are fast heading to a time when this may well be a reality.

 Why is this so you ask when Queensland has some of the best sustainably managed fisheries in the world?

 Green groups and some recreational fishing groups are running well funded misinformation campaigns that are designed to scare consumers and keep access to many Queensland table species all to themselves.

 We need your support to send an alternative message to our politicians - our fisheries are sustainably managed and are not in danger of collapse and any decsisions taken about who has access to the our local seafood must consider you first - the consumer.

Just because you may not be able to go fishing and catch your own seafood should not mean you can't access it at your local seafood outlet.

 What some people are trying to do is prevent you from ever having access to local seafood species such as Tailor, Trevally or Australian Salmon.

 This is un-Australian and I urge you to send a message to politicians that you want the supply of locally sourced seafood to be their priority - and for all Australians, not just some.

 Please sign the e-petition if you would like to support the supply of fresh LOCAL seafood..... Thanks



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