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Practitioner Profile

Lynda Brownsey

She is the mother of two sons and she is also a grandmother.

Lynda is a Homoeopath in Redland Bay.

 Lynda also practices Bio-energetic and Natural Therapies. She is experienced in Bowenwork and Bowenbalance for the alignment of the spinal axis and remedial body work on the balance for back, neck and shoulders. She uses cymatic colour / tone correspondences of light and colour as therapy.  These are given through an ionised air light stream together with the tone of the colour on the Solfeggio and Golden Number musical scales.

Her treatment plans come with strategies for using food as medicine. For the chelation of heavy metal toxicity, she uses a nutritional approach - chelating minerals activated in probiotic solutions with organic super food concentrates.


B.A. Hons University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia

B.H.Sc. Complementary Medicine, Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia

Adv Diploma of Health Science, Homoeopathy, Southbank Institute of TAFE, Brisbane, Qld

Certificate of Bowen Technique: Training and Practice from Station Road Homeopathy

Bowen Technique Modules 1 - 6 from BowTech: the Original Bowen Technique

Certificate course of the “Dorn Method of Assessment and Correction of Musculo-skeletal Imbalances” incorporating “ the Rudolf Breuss Massage” from Vital Balance Academy of Progressive Ryodoraku and Natural Therapies

Professional Associations:

Australian Register of Homoeopaths

Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths

The Homeopathic Education and Research Australia


It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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