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Consultations, Treatments and Fee Structure

Consultation with Lynda Brownsey CHP of Ironbark Homeopathy is $65.00 (payable by cash or cheque at the time of consult).  I hope you will appreciate that if an EFTPOS or Hicaps must be installed, then fees will have to increase.  Homeopathic tinctures are $25.00 for 30 mls.  The consult session will last about an hour.

Flexible payment plans are available.

Family rates are available, this will vary according to the number of children.

By way of thank you to the ongoing clients of Ironbark Homeopathy who have been 'regulars' over the years, there will be no change in fee.

Homoeopathy is prescribed on the basis of the individual health profile.

Some treatments that can assist the homeopathic medicine can be included in the consult session at no extra charge (if it is within the hour) - for example a bioenergetic therapy.

Homoeopathic Consultations

Homeopathy has demonstrated its effectiveness for over 200 years in the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases.

The consult will include the casetaking and discussion, review of any test results, preparation of a schedule of dose for taking a homeopathic medicine/s that will cover a set period of time.  Homeopathic medicines of potency  that are dispensed in clinic are included in the cost of the consult.

Homeopathy is available for acute and chronic disease as well as altered health states and conditions due to:

  • adverse vaccination response (vaccinosis)
  • toxic chemical, heavy metal exposure
  • geopathic stress
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) waves and radiations

The Ironbark Homeopathy dispensary stocks a range of homeopathic medicines.  We also stock

Resources for health, assessment, info sheets can be supplied or recommended.  The Harmology test for ionic heavy metals is available at the clinic.

Integrated Treatment Plans

  • recommendations to General Practitioners
  • recommendations to holistic dentists using best practice for mercury amalgam removal

Bowenwork or Bowen Balance

Bowenwork of the Bowen Academy of Australia (through to Module 6) is available at the Ironbark Homeopathy clinic.

The cost of this session is $65.00.

All sessions include negative ionization to the therapy area for deeper relaxation (no masks). 

The wait between moves will be 4 minutes, so the length of the Bowen session will depend on the number of moves required plus the wait time for the body to process and integrate each move.

Ionized air light stream with colour sequences applied to different parts of the body can be incorporated into the Bowen session.


Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

This is freestyle soft tissue massage incorporating moves for balance, energy, alignment and remediation. 

The cost of this session is $65.00.

This massage can include a hot rock sage sweat – very good for fibromyalgia.

All sessions include negative ionization to the therapy area for deeper relaxation (no masks).

All Bodywork sessions can include at no extra cost within the therapy hour:

Black / hot rock sage sweat

Bio-energetic therapy of LED light or colour exposure given through ionized air / light stream.  Sound and intonation of the colour is also used. 

Extended bodywork sessions of 1½ hours incorporating Bio-energetics are available at $130.00. These can include the cymatic healing codes and therapeutic colour / tone sequences.  Intonation is by tuning fork and crystal bowl.  Solfeggio available this Spring 2011.

Health Science

Strategies for health goals and the resources for building health in:

  • nutritional approaches to chelation of heavy metal detox
  • food as medicine (organic food concentrates)
  • ionized (activated) air
  • alkaline and ionized water
  • bio-energetic therapies

Negative ion saturation therapy sessions of ½ hour can be combined with any treatment - $35.00.

GeoMed Biomedicine health equipment is retailed through the clinic.

A range of products is available for the clients of Ironbark Homeopathy. These are from organic and probiotic sources, mineral clays, salts, organic and essential oils.  Products can be recommended as part of a treatment plan or ordered by personal request by clients of Ironbark Homeopathy.


It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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