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Root Beers are Probiotic Drinks

 Real root beer whether sarsaparilla, ginger, galangal, astragalus or ginseng or turmeric are probiotic drinks which if kept in the fridge door will eventually have 20+ lactobacillis cultures.


Root beers were and are an environmental medicine. In the 19th century people made up root beers on sugar syrup to help them with heavy metal toxicity. While the sugar would not have helped at all, the probiotica and the medicinal value of these roots helped to offset the symptoms of occupational exposure to heavy metal.

The Ironbark Homoeopathy Clinic recommends a nutrional approach to the chelation of heavy metal detox. Root beer as a health drink is an ideal way to activate chelators dissolved in the drink.


Here is a good juice base for the chelation of heavy metals

1 Litre of apple juice – freshly juiced or a good, commercial organic product.

The fresh squeezed juice of one lemon and a good pinch of Himalyan salt as a preservative.

In the 1 Litre of apple juice - soak ¼ cup of goji berries and 1 heaped tbsp of dried, sliced root – galangal, sprouted ginger, turmeric or astragalus or a combination of these.  This is the Juice Base.

Shake well. In about two days the juice will start to become probiotic. It will keep for about a week.

Daily Serve

Pour out 100 – 150 mls from the 1 Litre Juice Base

Add 100 mls of cooled green tea or rooibos tea or rosehip tea.

Or you can drill out a green coconut and add 100 – 150 mls of green coconut juice


Blend fresh aloe vera pulp for the O2 shot.

To the 250 mls of drink add chelators or any other organic superfood concentrate like Kakadu Plum or Acai or Barley Green.

Every few days add some freshly juiced greens and organic kelp for potassium iodide.

The 1 Litre of Juice Base should last about a week

 To start the next Juice Base put 1 tbsp from the previous juice into the new Juice Base as a starter culture.

 Apple juice is low on the GI and its malic acid is liver cleansing. So it is an excellent juice. Another good choice is purple carrot and celery.

 The lowest GI juice that can be made for the Juice Base probiotic soak would be a green Juice with 1 purple carrot.



 If you do not have a juicer, it is often possible to get fresh juice from the local green grocer or fruit and veg shop.

Find a shop that has a juice bar. If you shop there, you can usually buy bruised apples (they are going to throw out) very cheaply. If you bring your 1 L container they should be happy to juice those apples for you for a reasonable cost if you are going to buy your vegetables there.

Some of the roots like galangal and astragalus are hard to cut. Sometimes you have to make a single cut into the root and soak it in the apple juice. In a few days it will be ready to cut.

These drinks will achieve a very high probiotic content if you keep them in the fridge door. The Juice soak can be used for other fermented foods – as a sauerkraut base or in salad dressings.

As a food, it is important to use the ingredients that agree with you and that you like. Play around with the proportions between the 100 – 150 mls of the Juice Base and the infusion. People who must exercise strict glycemic control will need less of the Juice and more of an infusion that will not affect their blood sugar.

 For the herbal infusion always use filtered water.

It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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