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Bodywork and Body Balancing

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique (also called Bowenwork or Bowenbalance) is a variety of bodywork techniques that are based upon the practice and studies of Tom Bowen (1916 - 1982).  Thomas Ambrose Bowen (Tom) lived and worked in Geelong, Victoria Australia.  He called himself an osteopath until that word became a protected title in Victoria in the 1970s.

Tom studied bodywork all his working life and created specific sequences of moves that address the fascia at points of muscles, tendons and ligaments at timed intervals.  The rolling move became a signature of Bowen that will release and stimulate an integrative, self correcting response from the body. 

The fascial connective tissue forms a 3D web surrounding every tissue in the body from the dense connective tissue: bone to the liquid connective tissue: blood. The fascia is the largest sensory organ in the body and its recptors in the soft tissue are a way to 'get at' the organisation of the body's neuromuscular physiology and tissue organisation.

Bowen is effective for a wide range of painful conditions.  It is a holistic therapy and does not need a detailed diagnosis of disease in order to initiate the integrative and self-corrective responses of healing process. As a therapy, Bowen can assist the healing process in its own right. 

It is also effective with homoeopathic treatment in that Bowenwork enhances the ability of the person to do the healing work of the potency of the homoeopathic medicine.

In his own practice, Tom combined his work with 'special medicines'  and food as medicine.  He was a holistic practitioner.  His own Bowenwork was the centrepiece of his treatment plans.

At Ironbark Homoeopathy, Bowen Therapy is a consultation and discrete treatment.  As in Tom's practice, Bowenwork can be the centrepiece of a treatment plan enlisting other therapies.

Clients for other therapies can benefit from Bowenwork as part of their treatment plan.  At Ironbark Homoeopathy, these would be treatment plans for nutritional and environmental medicine held by a qualified doctor or a homoeopathic treatment plan.

All Bowenwork is given with negative ionization to to enhance relaxation.  No mask is used - the ionized air with oxygen supplement is directed into the treatment area.

Bowenwork can also be integrated with GeoMed ionized air, light and colour exposures during the timed intervals. 

For example, a condition in which the kidneys are sluggish with infrequent urination (i.e. a low eGFR), the ionized air light with green colour exposure could be directed at the kidneys during a Bowen interval in which the Bowen moves for lymphatic drainage have been made.

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It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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